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About Us

As the family of "J & Ce Textile" our vision is to embrace the nature and all its colors worthy of the meaning and the value of the brand we have created. Being aware that not only climatic specifications of cotton but also its durable fiber structure which is specific to this land, will make it a comfortable choice for all seasons  and shall enable a long- lasting use, we are using the highest quality cotton cultivated in Turkey for all our products which we do manufacture through natural processes without any additives.
So that we can be worthy of the growing interest you have towards our products, we do improve ourselves continuously. Now we are proud and excited as we present our products which we manufacture by this approach we do maintain making no concessions to our quality, to J&Ce Textile to the enthusiasts of natural products in the United States. 
It is very important for all of us that you do enjoy this natural elegance, comfort and happiness, no matter where you live. That is why, taking into consideration your wishes and suggestions, we shall continue to improve our quality continuously and to enhance our designs and enable you to reach our products world wide. 
Thank you for your interest and support...
J & Ce Textile Team




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