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Our Production Lines

  • Cotton harvesting. This is the final step of cotton production and the first step of cotton processing. The crop, which is the cotton seed, has to be harvested before rain/weather damages and decreases its quality or ruins the crop completely.


  • This is where cotton fiber is separated from cotton seed. The fiber obtained by this process is called “Lint”.


    • Carding process. The fibers are put into a parallel  alignment to form a web of fibers.


    •  The web of fibers are condensed into a continuous, untwisted, rope-like strand, which is called sliver. The slivers continue to a combing machine so that short fibers and impurities are removed. The sliver is drawn out to a thinner strand and given a slight twist to improve its strength. They are then wound on bobbins.  Once on the bobbins, the cotton fiber transformed into sliver is now called roving. Then comes the last process of yarn production which is spinning. After the spinning process the yarn is transferred onto larger bobbins, called cheese cones.


    • Weaving process. The cotton seed is now transforming into different types of fabric depending the method that is used.


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